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Zhangmu City

Zhangmu City, Tibet

2300 m above the sea level and sharing border with Nepal, Zhangmu city is very famous for being near the mighty Mt. Everest. Very popular among the tourist and adventurers for above mentioned reason, this city also happens to be the most used town on the line of Nepal-China border and thus the most important spot for trading between Nepal and Tibet/ China. This city receives a huge number of tourist and business travelers every month.

This is a very nice place to be.  Pleasant temperature around the calendar, blessed with the most beautiful sceneries and bustling market this town is worth visiting at least once. The climate in Zhangmu is always nice and the city is blessed with many rivers, beautiful valley and a cocktail of culture from Tibet and Nepal. The brightest flowers smiling at you, the mighty white capped mountains and milky waterfalls makes you visit to this city a truly unforgettable one.

Apart from its natural beauty the town also has bustling markets full of Nepali and Tibetan businessmen engaged in noisy conversation to pull off their deal. There are women buying household items and local children playing in the streets, which is so good to see. The building in the town looks like huge staircase because of the topography of the town, this looks make the city look more beautiful and unique. High points in the city offer you the view of barren lands as far as your eye can reach in the north and beautiful hills and mountains in the south. Just strolling down the streets of Zhangmu city is an extraordinary experience as you can go through the small shops selling various Tibetan handicrafts, children running down and playing in the streets and the sceneries you get to see in the time of sunsets.

Apart from Mt. Everest which is the main attraction of Zhangmu city, the city also has many monasteries including the wonderful Rongbuk monastery. Rongbuk monastery is the highest monastery in the world and it’s just 4 Km away from the northern base camp of Everest. The city receives a lot of fame and with it, a lot of tourist and pilgrims due to the renowned Saka dawa Festival which is celebrated at Palkhor Monastery on the 15th of April according to Tibetan Calendar. This day is considered as the birthday of Sakyamuni.  Attending this celebration gives a brilliant chance to go through the Tibetan culture and tradition.

You can visit Zhangmu any time you want. The climate is very pleasant around the calendar and there are many very good places to stay. Tibet is beautiful but Zhangmu is nothing like regular Tibet. It’s beautiful in its own ways. Full of carpet of trees and flower shrubs, grasslands and barren lands too, Zhangmu is a real treat for the travelers. Only in Zhangmu you can buy items from both Nepal and Tibet as the town lies at the border of China and Nepal. Zhangmu is the place where you reside and prepare when you go for the Everest quest.  

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