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Sakya Monastery

Shigatse, Tibet

Sakya Monastery in Tibet is a stupendous vacation spot that is known for its gathering of Tibetan wall paintings, droning ministers, hallowed Buddhist parchments and books and thangkas. Sakya Monastery is the rule sanctuary of the Sakyapa order of Tibetan Buddhism. Its principle corridor can oblige 10,000 droning friars. More than 40,000 consecrated parchments, including the extremely valuable Burde Gyaimalung, are housed here.

A few parchments are composed with The organizer of the Sakyapa group, Khon Konchog Gyalpo, assembled the white castle on the Chun Qu River in 1073 on a dark dirt slope. Occupants named the sanctuary "Sakya", which implies dark soil. Every one of that remaining parts of this northern sanctuary are ruins.

Highlights: • Large Collection of Sutras • Tibetan Traditional Art (Thankas & Murals) • Religious Ceremonies

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