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Qamdo City

Qamdo City, Tibet

Qamdo city is located in the far eastern side of Tibetan Autonomous Region at the height of 3240 m above the sea level. Surrounded by the Hengduan mountain Range and filled with many rivers flowing through it, many lakes in its face, Qamdo City is considered the most advanced city in Tibet and is a heaven for Naturalist. Heart of Tibetan industrial environment, Qamdo city is full of different Enterprises and business travelers from all around the world. The constructions in the city are in full pace and number of advanced infrastructures are increasing day by day.

Nowhere else on earth you’ll find fours type of season a day. The climate is very unpredictable and you will fill yourself passing through different seasonal conditions in a single mountain. Though it’s fun for a short time it’s quite easy to get sick in those conditions.  You are to bring all kind of clothes with you and if you miss something then you can buy anything you want just around the corner. The city is full of shopping centers, Movie theaters and street shops. You will have a enjoyable day just strolling through the streets of Qamdo City.

What to see and where to go:

City is marvelous fusion of nature and development. The city is very developed and you can find anything you want but natural life around it ate protected carefully. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains and each morning you will be able to see a magical sunrise from your hotel room. This city has some of the most colorful valleys in Tibet. With its flamboyance and difference along with its proper development Qamdo City happens to be the top tourist spot in Tibet.

Chambaling Monastery:

Located at the highest point of the Qamdo City, Chambaling Monastery offers you the best view of the entire city. This monastery was built about 600 years in 1444 Ad by one of Tsong Khapa’s disciple. The temple has some of the very old Buddha statues and you will also find dazzling pieces of Thangka paintings and murals in the Temple. One if interested in visiting Qamdo city, is strongly suggested to visit the temple in the time of Tibetan New Year. The whole place moves as if they have come alive and you will get to see the most wonderful offering of the monastery, the religious dance “Guqing”. Performers in this dance wear graceful dresses and masks that give a unique feel to the dance.

Yiri Hot Spring:

There are few hot springs in and around Qamdo but Yiri Hot Spring is the most famous one for various reasons. Due to surrounding beauty and calmness the Yiri hot spring receives a huge numbers of tourists every year. The water of this hot spring is considered to have potential to cure many skin diseases, people suffering from rheumatic arthritis and many other diseases. It’s about 6 hours of driving from the centre of Riwoche County to reach this spring. As this area is not easily reachable you are advised to hire a private vehicle.

The Deqen Phodrang Sacred Mountain:

Also called ‘Riwoqe’, the mountain is a perfect spot to relax and revitalize. The surrounding is very beautiful with carpets made of colorful flowers and green grass, chirping birds and white snow capped mountains. While visiting this place please do not forget to bring your trekking gears with you. The mountains are high and difficult at many places. These mountains are however are worshipped by the locales on some special days; like the day when the locals bring harvested food. When you are coming to Riwoqe, you should try and hire a personal vehicle, there are no roads and no public transportation.

Kanuo Ruins:

Covering an area of 1800 sq m, Kauno ruins were discovered in the year of 1977. Since then these ruins has been the center of attraction for the domestic and international tourists. Situated around 12 Km away from Qamdo city this ruin has stone built houses and primitive stone tools that dates back to 5000 years or more.  This feature attracts thousands of tourists along with dozens top archeologist and researchers around the world.

Being one of the most important cities in Tibet reaching Qamdo City is not hard at all. The city has own airport. The Chando Bangdad airport at Chengdu is the highest airport in the world situated at the height of 4300m above the sea level. It takes flights from Lhasa Goggar airport. Of you prefer road trip rather than the sir travel then you will have to take buses. The Qamdo city has connections to every other part of Tibet and it even has a connection to Nepal. Taxi is the most important way to transportation inside the city.

As it’s already stated the Qamdo city is the most advanced city in Tibet and is the centre of Business and transaction. Due to this the city has loads of good hotels along with many simple hotels. Kangsheng Hotel, Qamdo Bus Station Inn and Qamdo Hotel are few that will prove to be a pleasant staying option in Qamdo City.

Qamdo city resembles with the typical Tibetan Temperature and the best time to visit the city is in summers. The city offers best shopping experience in entire Tibet and you can catch a live performance of the famous Repa dance in the Dingqen area which definitely is going to be excellent. You should put aside at least 2 days to enjoy the city in full swing.

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