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Nyingchi City

Nyingchi City, Tibet

Situated in the southern side of Tibet Autonomous Region, Nyingchi city is one of the most beautiful cities in Tibet. Well blessed with magical panorama, Nyingchi city lives up to its name. Nyingchi in Tibetan language means ‘The Grand Throne of Sun’.  Standing at the height of 3000 m above the sea level, Nyingchi city has a nice and normal climate without any sudden rise and drop in temperature, which makes the city more pleasant. Rich in flora and fauna the Nyingchi city has a very old and well preserved forest that is thousands of years old. Due its natural beauty and charisma the Nyingchi city is called ‘the Switzerland of Tibet’.  People of Nyingchi city belong to Menba and Luoba tribes and they follow their tradition very strongly. 

Visiting Nyingchi city at right time makes the tour more mesmerizing. Climate in Nyingchi city is generally wet and rains heavily from October to April. But this rain makes the city more beautiful and extremely charming. Nyingchi city’s tourism has a inseparable part and that is shopping in the city area. Hong Kong Street in Bayi is one of the most famous places in the city to shop. Most bought items in this city is the famous Chinese green tea, woolen blanket, plants of medicinal importance and locally made handicrafts.  

What to see and where to go:

Rich with natural marvels that will completely sweep you off your feet, Nyingchi city is one of the cities that will fancy daredevils and adventure lovers.

The Yaluzhangbu Grand Canyon:

located in the south eastern side of the Nyingchi city at the very feet of Himalayas, Tanggula and Henduan Mountain’s meet, Yaluzhangbu Grand Canyon is about 500 Km long and has an average depth of 5000 m. full of a large variety of wildlife and extraordinary ecological system, this canyon has some rare wildlife such as the Bangladeshi Tigers, the long leaf tail monkey and many other. There are no places to stay around this canyon if you wish to visit the canyon so you are suggested to carry your camping gear with you. This is not a place to fool around; the area is exposed to floods and landslides so you are urged to take a guide who knows the area very well.

Sacred Sejila Mountain:

This is a very important pilgrimage centre situated in the eastern side of Nyangchi City and located at an altitude of 4700 m above the sea level. Pilgrims who come here walk around the peak and offer their prayers. Visit to this place will one of the best experience in your life. There are very few places in the world like this. Just stand any point of the mountain and stare at the mountain covered with the carpet of flower embroidered magically by the nature.

The Pega Temple:  

This is a very old and ancient temple in Tibet which history takes us back to the era of the 5th Dalai Lama. You will witness a huge collection of Buddha statues in this temple, which are thousands in number. Around 100 Lamas reside in this temple. Interacting and learning with these lamas will allow you to gain knowledge about life and Buddhism. Visit to Nyangchi City is incomplete without a proper visit to the Pega Temple. This temple has a cave that goes half way up the mountain. This cave is said to have some supernatural powers and has a hot geyser that shoots out every 4 hours interval. The most amazing thing about the cave is the inscription from the very early human civilization from Tibet. But these inscriptions are still not in the spot light.

Ranwu Lake:

Just 90 Km away from Nyingchi City, Ramwu Lake is the biggest Lake in the south east of Tibetan region. Surrounded by mountains all around this lake is a pleasure to visit. Walled with the Gangrigabu Mountan in the southwest, the Azhagongla Glacier in the south and Bosula Peak in northeast, a visit to the Ranwu Lake offers you a compelling view of multicolored mountains, with their caps covered with snow but their feet carpeted by flowers of various kinds. The lake is situated at the height of 3800 m off the sea level and covers an area of 22 sq. km.

Finding a place to stay and getting in to the Nyingchi city is not a problem at all. The city is a tourist destination and has many star rated hotels. One can get any type of service from basic services to fancy and luxurious hotel services in this city, depending upon their budget. Some of the most popular hotels in Nyingchi city are Nyingchi hotel, Nyingchi Post Hotel, New Century Hotel and Nyingchi Garden Hotel.  Now talking about how to get in to and around Tibet we must state that the Nyingchi City is its own airport which happens to be the third civil airport in Tibet. This airport gets direct flights from Lhasa Gogger airport and Chando Bandgag airport. If you want to hit the road to enter the Nyingchi city, than you must take the Sichuan- Tibet highway, which cuts through the Nyingchi city. It’s about 663 Km distance from Lhasa to Nyingchi and takes around 10 hours bus travelling. Nyingchi city has many places that are unreachable by any vehicles, for the parts that are reachable with vehiches you will find local buses and vans.

A little preparation is required when you are about to visit the Nyingchi city. The city receives maximum amount of sunlight and temperature during the day is high. You are advised to bring a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen lotion and a hat with wide brim. Some medicine for indigestion and cold will prove to be very useful. Average temperature of the Nyingchi city is around 9 degrees so the city is tourable throughout the year.  

Nyingchi city is a city where you might want to take your family for a good vacation trip. Women will have a great time shopping in the city and your young kids will have loads of fun enjoying the natural aspects of the city and adventures. Everything Tibet can offer you can be bought with in the distance of 500 m in this city. This city’s surrounding also offers a good trekking experience for the eager ones. Along with this there are many restaurants in the city famous for the yummy but cheap Tibetan foods. You are advised to put aside al least 2 days to visit this city in full swing.

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