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Ngari City

Ngari City, Tibet

Situated in the western side of the Tibet Autonomous Region, at the height of 4500m above the sea level, Ngari city is very often referred as the roof of the world. Though the Ngari city covers the largest area of Tibet it has the least population count than any other city in Tibet. The city is barren like the surface of the moon but that what its beauty is. The city at the very height of the world is full of mystery and totally unexplainable. Thought the city looks totally barren; more than 80 rivers cut through this city and dozens of beautiful lakes lies calmly on the face of this city.  Each of these rivers and lakes in this city has distinct feature which cannot be found at any other place. Gate away to Mt. Kailash, Ngari city has been a must visit place for pilgrims around the world.

There are two words that must be used to define Ngari. Amusing but equally challenging. Anyone who wants to explore the untouched beauty of this place needs to have a physically fit body and spirit of a fighting person. The temperature is quite low and air is very dry. This city doesn’t receive much rain but when it does travelling in the city becomes difficult. But the rain brings out the different shades of charm to the city. With a very low population count, the city does not have settlement everywhere but whatever it has, that seems to make the city perfect on its own. Shopping for the local handicraft items can be a good experience. This city is a city that represents the topography of most of the Tibetan land, so without visiting this city your Tibet tour might not be complete.

What to look and where to go in Ngari city:

Ngari city has an attraction like no other city in the world has. Home to lord Shiva and Mt Kailash where the divine dwells, Ngari city receives a huge numbers of Devotees every year. Apart from the religious value the ancient ruins of Guge city, which is supposed to be the oldest kingdom of Tibet and the wonderful natural sceneries makes the city worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

Mt. Kailash:

Mount Kailash is most sacred places for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains and for other people it’s one of the most beautiful places they have ever seen and will ever see. Both the ways it’s very special. Towering up to 22,000 feet this is considered one of the most difficult mountains to climb and this attracts lots of adventurers. Pilgrims even with the toughest physique take weeks to reach here with great challenge.

For Hindu people this place is the sacred dwelling of Lord Shiva “The God of Destruction”. As per the legend lord Shiva resides in these mountains meditating and practicing yoga. The mountain is considered to be the centre of the world and four rivers flows through the mountain dividing the world in to four different religions.

While the local Tibetans call it Tise, Buddhist people call it Mountain Kang Rimpoche “The precious one of glacial Snow”. They consider this place as the resting grounds of Buddha Demchok and the place where Milarepa and Naro Bonchung fought. According to the legends a Great War between Buddhist and people of Bon religion took place. Since no was able to win even after long vicious fight leaders of two sides Milarepa and Bochung decided who ever reaches the top of mountain first wins the war. Very soon Bonchung got on his magic drum and started climbing the mountain. As he reached the top, to everyone’s amusement Milarepa was already was there meditating. As soon as the Bonchung reached to the top Milarepa sprung in to action, rode the sunlight and took over. Since the Buddhism is assumed to prevail in Tibet.

With no railways or roads or air route it is a tough religious walk to the Kailash Mountain and only those people with good physique will be able to do it. There are various ways to reach the tip of this mountain, the most frequently used being the Xinjiang highway which starts from Kashgar city and reaches Kailash via Shiquanhe. Others important routes are northern route, southern route and India Nepal Border. Under the administration of the Indian ministry of foreign affairs in corporation with Chinese government, Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam has been conducting trips to kailash-mansarovar through Lipulekh pass.

Mapam Yumco Lake:

Situated at the distance of 20 Km away from the Mt. Kailash and at the Heights of 4500m above the sea level, Mapam Yumco Lake is considered as the highest fresh water lake in the world. Very sacred lake for the Buddhist people, this lake is considered as “Mother of the rivers in the world” by Buddhist people. This might be because the four mighty rivers, namely Shiquanhe River in the north, Peacock River in the south, Maquanhe River in the east and Xiangquanhe River in the west flow in to the lake.

Lhanag Tso Lake:

Very often called as ‘the Ghost Lake” because of its lifelessness, this mighty lake was once connected to the great Lake of Manasarovar but got divided due to the Geographical disturbances. The lakes are still connected by a stream called Ganpa Chu. This lake is situated at the height of 4752 m above the sea level and covers an area of 70 Km. As the stunningly blue salty crescent shaped lake is surrounded by various dark red mountains, one might be absolutely mesmerized by the drastic color difference between the lake and the mountains.

Tholing Monastery:

Built in the era of the Guge kingdom around the 10th century, the Tholing Monastery is located at the northwest of Ngari, in the Zhada County. The name Tholing means ‘to fly high and never fall”, which happens to be the very objective to this monastery when it was first built. Very purpose of the monastery was to spread Buddhism and keep it prevailed in Tibet. Proudly standing between the dull clay mountains all around it, the monastery’s hall is only the part the stands to the date. With frescos covering every inch of wall of the Monastery’s Hall the Monastery has the capability to take to back to its building era and teach you the way they lived. The hall is as vibrant and alive as it must have been at the time of its construction.

Ngari city offers the same quality of accommodations as the other major city of Tibet does to its travelers. All the hotels have every thing that fulfils your basic needs but Shiquanhe town might have few good hotels that will provide you some luxury services too. Shiquanhe Hotel and Gangdise Hotel are the best option for the Lake Manasoravar Travelers.

Getting in to Nagri city is not a problem at all.  With four of major highways in Tibet cutting through the city you can find vehicle to take you in to this city from anywhere you want in Tibet. But when it comes to travelling inside the city, then you must be warned that the roads are not much welcoming. So the best option is to hire a taxi of your own.

Months of May, June, September and October are the best time to pay a visit to this city. There will be not much rain and temperature will be around a mark of 100 degrees. Since the city is a genuine cocktail of religious places and bizarre topography, everyone from a religious traveler to adventure hunters will find the city very interesting. You have to put aside at least two days if you intend to explore this city 100 percent.

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