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Nagqy City

Nagqu City, Tibet

Nested in the northern part of Tibet, Nagqy city is located at the altitude of 4500m above the sea level and covers an area of 40, 000 sq Km. centre of trade and export of various products like animal products, mineral ores, and many other agricultural products, Nagqu has established itself as one of the most politically and economically influential places in Tibet. The city has a population of 331, 000 belonging to various communities. Full of joy and hospitability, you will find people of Nagqu very colorful and vibrant. Temperature is here in Nagqu is like bit colder than typical Tibetan climate. You shouldn’t be amazed by the fact that the average temperature of Nagqu city is around -9.3 degrees Celsius to -3.3 degree Celsius.  With this information you must have gained an idea about what kind of clothes will you bring in your visit to this place. Violent storms are common in Nagqu because of the vast plain lands. You are to be bit aware of these and you are all but ready to explore the Lands of Nagqu. Foe anyone who is looking for the antiques and traditional items this place is a heaven. The specialty of the Nagqu city happens to be Jak, dried meet and Aweto, which is a creature, found only here and is considered to be a great medicine to many diseases. If you can, arrange your visit to Nagqu city in its festive season. The place will come alive and you will have a great time.

What to look for and where to visit in Nagqu:

Lake Namtso:

The holy lake “Lake Namtso” is in the city of Nagqu. Considered as one of the most sacred four Lakes in Tibet, this is a very important place for Buddhist people in Tibet. Located at the height of 4720 m from the sea level, Lake Namtso is the highest and largest salt lake in the world. The surrounding of the lake offers a mesmerizing view of different mountains and vegetations. Spending time at the bank of huge blue lake is a very beautiful experience.

Shodain Monastery:

Situated right at the heart of the Nagqu city Shodain Monastery is the most famous Yellow sect in Northern Tibet. Once used to be home for more than 350 monks Shodain Monastery is now home to just about 60 monks but still holds a great importance in the lives of Tibetan people. This monastery holds the grand summons ceremony which takes place in the month of January every year. You are suggested to visit this Monastery in the month of August. This month the Changmo dance takes place in the monastery by professional dancers which is an absolute treat to watch.

Zhoima Canyon Scenic spot:

Zhoima Canyon is one of the most stunning spot to visit in Nagqu city. During the month of summers this place is covered with various species of flowering plants and presents you a view you may never forget in your life time. Taking a stroll around this place discovering beautiful small lakes is a wonderful experience. Situated at the height of 4700m above sea level, 92 Km away from the city of Nagqu, Zhoima canyon is not a hard place to reach but it will serve you best if you hire a vehicle from the city.

Purugangri Glacier:

Covering an area of about 400 sq. Km Purugangri Glacier is situated at the heights of 6482 m from the sea level. Amongst the purest glaciers in the world, Purugangri Glacier is absolutely a magical view for a human’s eye. These are among the fiercest parts of Tibetan mountains so travelers are urged not to try and reach them.

Staying in Nagqu city is not a problem at all. Most of the hotels in Nagqu hotels offer excellent service in budget price. Most recommended hotels in Nagqu city are Nagqu Prefectural Government Hotel, Nagqu Hotel and Changtang Xinyuan Hotel.

You might have to drive about 330 Km from Goggar airport at Lhasa to get into Nagqu, if you land tibet by air. Or else Qinghai-Lhasa Highway, which is the busiest roads in Tibet and serves as a lifeline to the people in Nagqu will take you to the city. Nagqu has developed internal city traffic and you can get any kind of vehicle service you want.

You might find many things you want to take back home when you are shopping in Tibet. Unique items of medicinal values like Aweto, snow lotus flower and caladium can be bought in the streets of Nagqu city. Full exploration of the city takes about 2 days and has a wonderful cuisine. Cooked in numerous ways you can taste foods in Nagqu that are cooked, boiled, grilled, fried or any way you like.

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