Exploring Tourism in Tibet
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Lulang Forest

Nyingchi City, Tibet

Tibet is a genuine common gallery of plants, facilitating the qualities of various plant species, which frame a showcase of the whole Asian vegetation. LuLang signifies "Loong King Valley" in Tibetan dialect, or "a spot that will make you overlook your home". It is situated by the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, around 80 km from Nyingchi County. In summer, the blooms will bloom. In Spring, it is of full-chestnut azaleas everywhere throughout the backwoods, which draws in swarms of flying creatures.

In Summer, you can see brilliant wheat waves with freshing breezes in Lulang Forest. In Autumn, the leaves all turn yellow and afterward red aside from the evergreen pines. In Winter, snow falls on the woods and in addition the on the icy masses.

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